(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country albums / Top Pop albums
(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country singles / Top Pop singles

REALLY COUNTRY Imperial LP-12347 1967
Gotta Go Home, Jeannie’s Waiting, Yours And His, I’ll Cheat Again, What If It Happened To You, With Every Heartbeat, Fool’s Names Fool’s Faces, I Can’t Tell My Right From My Wrong, Does He Love You Like I Do, You Are That Something, Sure As Death And Texas, If We’d Let Us

YOU’RE IN GOOD HANDS (31/-) Imperial LP-12380 1968
Your Lily White Hands, Sybil’s Rights, So Goes My World, New Lips, What If It Happened To You, You’re In Good Hands, Lie To Me, Senses, Apartment No 9, Tip Of My Fingers, You Are That Something, Don’t Monkey With Another Monkey’s Monkey

LEAVING AGAIN (41/-) Imperial LP-12412 1969
Leaving Again, Old Bridge, Little Things, Angels Don’t Lie, Does She Still Get Her Ways, I Can’t Promise, You Won’t Be Lonely, I Still Have The Senses To Go, Big Sally, I Hope I Lose My Memory, Will You Visit Me On Sundays, When He Gets Big Enough, Feelin’ Kinda Sunday In My Thinkin’

SWEET WINE / HOLD ME TIGHT Imperial LP-12426 1969
I’ll Keep Comin’, I’d Miss You More, One More Night, I’ll Do Anything, It Doesn’t Matter, My Childhood Friends, Road To Nowhere, Keep Me Till Tomorrow, My Heart’s Been Marchin’, Take Sadie Out

I START THINKIN’ ABOUT YOU Harmony KH-32476 1973
I Start Thinkin’ About You, Preserving Your Wildlife, Heaven Help Me, How Much I Love You, If You Think That It’s All Right, I Want You, I’m Talkin’ About You Baby, This Town’s Not Big Enough, Love Is A Four Letter Word, Loving You Was Something I Wanted To Do

TIE A YELLOW RIBBON (8/-) ABC 792 1973
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree, You Really Haven’t Changed (6/-), You’re Gonna Have Your Hands Full, Sunday Afternoon Boat Ride On The Lake, I Just Want Your Love, Tonight Someone’s Falling In Love (12/-), My Heart’s Not In It Anymore, Beautiful Sunday, Treat A Lady Like A Tramp, Since My Baby Left Me


DOUBLE EXPOSURE (37/-) ABC 812 1974
Country Lullabye (27/-), Pass Me By (If You’re Only Passing Through), Nobody Else Is Gonna Get My Girl, More Kinds Of Your Kind Of Loving, Till We Find It All Again, Double Exposure, With You, Gimme Some Time, Seasons In The Sun, Frank And Don Howard Too Broadway Joe And You And Me

Don’t Tell (That Sweet Old Lady Of Mine) (10/-), I Think I’m Falling In Love, Did We Even Try, Lakes Of Louise, There Ain’t No Way Babe, It Ain’t No Little Thing, Immediate Possession, January Jones (39/-), Seven Times Last Week, World In My Arms

STRINGS ABC 864 1975
Strings (64/-), Start All Over Again, Did We Even Try, I’d Like To Work For You, Love Signs, I Hate I Hate, I Love You Song, Save Your Heart For Me, Best Of My Love, Easy Come Easy Go

AFTERNOON DELIGHT (28/-) Dot 2042 1976
Afternoon Delight (9/-), Daydream, Woman Stealer, Every Fool Has A Rainbow, Sweet City Woman, Snap Crackle And Pop, Love Is Only Love (When Shared By Two) (47/-), My Eyes Adored You, It Don’t Hurt To Be A Dreamer, Just A Dream, Beg Steal Or Borrow Your Love

THE BEST (46/-) Dot 2083 1977
Living Next Door To Alice (29/-) prev unissued, Don’t Tell That Sweet Old Lady Of Mine, Country Lullabye, Love Is Only Love (When Shared By Two), Afternoon Delight, January Jones, Yellow Ribbon, You Really Haven’t Changed, Strings, Sweet City Woman (88/-), Tonight Someone’s Falling In Love. (sampler)

CARIBBEAN NIGHTS Equit 7921 1979