Once in awhile, a singer comes along, that unlike all the others, brings a lasting and ever growing appeal. Call it luck, hard work, dedication or destiny. Johnny Carver is one of these rare singers who brought Country Music three monster hits… “Tie A Yellow Ribbon”, “Afternoon Delight” and “That Sweet Ole Lady Of Mine”. On a scale of today’s music, this is not enough to see you through the ever growing contemporary country music scene with its bright new stars and competitive nature, but Johnny Carver has remained strong with 36 charted singles, two number one, and five top ten songs. It seems then what Johnny has is more than luck —- it must be a lasting dedication to giving the public what they want to hear from him, coupled with a flashy show and always keeping abreast of time and current trends in the ever changing music world. Johnny Carver is a lasting identity in our today’s music and though the hits come and go, Johnny will remain a strong influence for many years to come due to his ability to stay fresh and up with the times. Johnny is as much at home with other people’s hits as he is his own. This is a tribute to his singing talent and his ability to keep his loyal and ever-growing fan base. His many television appearances include; Hee Haw,Porter Wagoner, Ralph Emery, Good Ole Nashville Music, Bill Anderson, The Wilburn Brothers Show, Stan Hitchcock Show, Pop Goes the Country, and TNN (The Nashville Network) plus many, many more.

Johnny Carver has appeared at most major parks, fairs, and festivals in the USA and Canada. That, along with every major club from Las Vegas to Texas, and New York to L.A., to top country TV shows, eight European and Hawaiian military tours entertaining our military men and women, and concepts at the prestigious Wembly Festival in London, England, make Johnny Carver a sure fire winner in today’s country market. Very few entertainers can boast such a strong career record and continue to remain a strong identity in today’s competitive country field. But then very few entertainers have had the luxury of three monster hit records plus 36 charted singles. Johnny Carver has maintained a high class level of stardom and will continue to be a major force in today’s ever growing country scene.

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